Child Abuse

Child abuse is defined as including any non-accidental injury, sexual battery, financial or sexual
exploitation or injury to the intellectual or psychological capacity of a child by the parents or other
persons responsible for the child's welfare.

Child Neglect

Child neglect is failure to provide adequate food, clothing,shelter, health care or needed supervision.

People other than the child's parent who may be responsible for a child's welfare include legal
guardians, foster, group or nursing home operators, babysitters, family day care home operations or day
care workers and public or private institution workers. Abusers may also be other persons living in the
home or having access to the child, such as other family members, roommates or persons cohabiting
with a child's parent.

Sometimes a parent will make charges of abuse, or neglect against the other parent in attempt to win exclusive parental rights over the child or children.  It can be very difficult to navigate these situations.  Stanford Law Firm can help. 

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