foreclosureForeclosure Defense

Foreclosure requires the homeowner to relinquish their home to the lender after they have defaulted on a mortgage. Historically, the foreclosure defense process has typically been in favor of the banks and lenders but over the past few years, many homeowners are deciding to fight back against this process. This legal strategy that many homeowners have decided to use is foreclosure defense.

If you are in a foreclosure action you want to prove that the bank does not have the right to take away and foreclose on your home. This strategy focuses on the flaws that the system is currently thriving on and  presumes that all illegal or improper behaviors rests on the shoulders of the lenders. A few of the foreclosure defenses include;

  • The terms of the mortgage are unjust
  • You are currently on active duty as a servicemember
  • State procedures were not followed by the foreclosing party
  • There was a serious mistake made by mortgage servicer